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By Alex Allan on 11/08/23 | Top tips

What can a Nutritional Therapist do for PCOS management?

Many of us understand, at least on a conceptual level, that adopting healthier eating habits, engaging in regular physical activity, and prioritizing self-care are vital for leading a long and happy life. However, the demands of modern life often get in the way of these aspirations. Balancing work and family life leaves little room for focusing on our wellbeing. And of course, convenience frequently takes precedence as we’re all so busy!

While this isn't necessarily incorrect, it's essential to recognize that neglecting proper nutrition, exercise, and overall wellness gradually leads to deteriorating health – particularly when accompanied by a diagnosis of PCOS. 

Understanding nutritional support for PCOS

In the past, nutritional therapy was sometimes dismissed as "alternative medicine." However, the tide is turning, and the scientific significance of proper nutrition is now gaining the acknowledgment it deserves. A select group of esteemed medical professionals, including Dr Tim Spector, Dr. Rangan Chatterjee, and Dr. Michael Mosley, are actively endorsing the integration of nutrition science.

Nutritional therapists are at the forefront of this movement, applying the latest advancements in nutritional and health research to tailor a diet, lifestyle, and, when appropriate, supplement plan to address individual needs. We also offer coaching to facilitate the practical implementation of these strategies and to overcome any obstacles from the past. This can be particularly helpful in PCOS, when managing the stressors that accompany the condition.

Personalised Approach

Nutritional therapy is highly personalised. Practitioners often refer to individuals as "biochemically unique," highlighting that a one-size-fits-all dietary approach is inadequate. Plus, everyone’s health experiences, lifestyles, likes and dislikes, time constraints and time are completely different. Consequently, a Nutritional Therapist takes into account your genes, medical history, existing symptoms, preferences, and personal circumstances to craft a tailored plan.

Such a personalised approach demands both time and expertise. While generic internet resources are available, they pale in comparison to the insights and support a nutrition practitioner offers. Furthermore, a practitioner may recommend targeted supplements based on your specific condition or health objective. However, navigating the world of supplements can be risky and costly without expert guidance.

Why don't more people seek nutritional support for PCOS? 

It is unfortunate that many people underestimate the transformative potential of a personalised nutrition and lifestyle programme in helping to alleviate their symptoms and enhance their overall wellbeing. Media headlines often discuss the latest food trends, but they fail to connect the dots comprehensively, making it challenging to envision the possibilities for yourself.

A Nutritional Therapist can help you to probe deeper to understand the root causes before putting together a plan specifically for you.

What to expect during a PCOS nutrition programme

Your initial consultation will span approximately 90 minutes. Prior to your visit, you'll complete a nutritional therapy questionnaire, and a diet and lifestyle diary to give us an idea of how you live your life.

During the session, we'll delve into your medical history, health goals, challenges, eating habits, preferences, and lifestyle factors. The process is entirely confidential and non-judgmental.

Our programmes then involve a series of sessions spread over twelve weeks dependent on the level of support you need. This structure makes sure that you receive ongoing support, helping you to implement the programme gradually and tackle any hurdles that arise.

Addressing your PCOS through nutrition

While you will probably have some information about what constitutes a healthy diet, realising sustainable progress toward better health involves more than just information. Sustaining motivation often proves to be the most challenging aspect of any health plan! A supportive partner or coach plays a pivotal role in keeping you on track and providing guidance when you veer off course. This accountability and guidance, often provided through health coaching, safeguard the progress you make from going to waste.  

If you are suffering with PCOS and would like to know more about our personalised nutrition programmes, why not book in a free health review today? Just click here and pick a time that works for you.

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