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If you’re pushed for time and not quite ready to commit to a one-to-one or group programme, this is the place to start.

The 14 Day PCOS Essentials Online Course

Join this 14 day self-directed course and learn the essentials for managing your PCOS symptoms.

Where: Online and self-directed   Duration: 14 Days

This course is for you if:

  • You’ve had a recent diagnosis of PCOS and want to learn more about how to manage it
  • You’re fed up with being told just ‘to lose weight and move more’ and actually want to find out the ‘why’
  • You feel you’re exhausted all the time, you gain weight by just looking at a doughnut, and you can’t get your skin, hair or periods under control, and you’d like to know how to change this
  • Restrictive eating just makes you miserable and you want to learn how to get rid of cravings.

On the PCOS essentials course you will learn exactly which foods will nourish your body and help you feel good

Our course will help you understand how to crush those pesky cravings and get in tune with your appetite again. And it’s not just about food – learn how to move your body in the best ways to manage PCOS, learn how sleep might be the key to balancing your hormones, and understand the importance of stress resilience in managing symptoms. After completing this course you will have clarity over which steps you can take to take control of your PCOS symptoms.

Online Course

Your course includes:

  • Step by step training videos and tutorials to help you learn the basics of PCOS diet and lifestyle changes. You can even listen to an audio version if you’re on the go!
  • PCOS recipe book containing over 40 interchangeable and modifiable breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes specifically designed for women with PCOS
  • 10 page guide to eating out in a way that works for managing PCOS symptoms.
  • A PCOS Essentials Manual that will contain everything you need to take you through the 14 day online course and beyond!
  • Daily planners to help motivate you, focus you and keep you on track
  • This is an online, self-directed course so you can do it in 14 days, or you can spend as long as you need to work through it – you will still have access to everything

Frequently Asked Questions

How long to I have access to the 14 day course?


How do I access the videos, tutorials and material?

When you sign up for the online course you will be given access to the programme via Practice Better, where you will register for a free account. The programme is held in Practice Better, which you can access by a web browser or there is a free, downloadable app you can use. This will contain everything you need.

Will the course help me to lose weight?

We do our very best to give you the most up-to-date information and support over the 14 days. While we cannot guarantee that you will lose weight, the feedback we have received from other participants shows that the majority of people do when they have been following the information for 4 weeks or more.

I’m vegetarian or vegan – does this course work for me?

All the recipes are gluten-free, and all have dairy-free alternatives.

The meal plan has a wide range of veggie and vegan recipes, but there isn’t a specific plan.

Are you a doctor?

No, all of our clinical team are Registered Nutritional Therapists who specialise in working with women with PCOS. We are all registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC), and members of the British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine (BANT).

The information provided in the course is general and has not been tailored to participants’ individual underlying health concerns or any prescription medication they may be taking. You may book a personalised nutritional therapy prorgamme to consider further your individual needs. The information supplied within the group is for educational purposes and must not replace medical advice. If you have a diagnosed medical condition, you should consult a doctor before making any significant changes to your diet.

What is the refund policy?

Under the Consumer Rights Act 2015 and Consumer Contracts Regulation 2013 you are entitled to a 14-day Cooling-off Period, i.e. time to cancel the purchase that has been completed within 14 days from the day after the order is made. If you commence with the programme within those 14 days, then you can no longer cancel for a full refund, but you are entitled to a refund minus the proportionate cost of anything that has been used.


Hi, I’m Alex and I have devised the 14 Day PCOS Essentials online course. I’m a Registered Nutritional Therapist, NLP Practitioner and Certified Health Coach. And I have been on my own PCOS journey for the last 30 years. Let me help you take control of your PCOS symptoms by guiding you through what I’ve learned.

My mission is to help all women with PCOS live their lives the way they want to without being ruled by hideous cravings, overwhelming fatigue, and unexplained weight gain. This course forms a part of it!

Through specific diet and lifestyle changes we can get back to how we want to feel without feeling ravenously hungry or deprived in an easy and sustainable way. Come and join me on this journey and see how your life can be different!

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What our clients say

I was exhausted, suffering with mood swings, low blood pressure, suffering with heavy periods and flooding, menstrual pain, recurrent thrush, nausea.

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After being initially diagnosed with PCOS, I would suffer with serious PMS at certain points in my cycle. I was constantly confused about how to manage the condition, with no real support and guidance available to me.

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Alex is an amazing coach and the knowledge I have gained that will last me the rest of my life is priceless.

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Before I signed up to the programme, I was crippled in pain from PCOS and Endometriosis. I was not confident in my body and my hormones and emotions were all over the place.

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I had terrible symptoms of acne and hirsutism. I felt that Alex was great with explaining the reasoning behind why I needed to change aspects of my lifestyle.

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