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Since completing the programme, I have increased energy, less fatigue, no more nausea, and weight loss.

I was exhausted, suffering with mood swings, low blood pressure, suffering with heavy periods and flooding, menstrual pain, recurrent thrush, nausea. I wanted to feel more like myself again - reclaim my energy and zest for life. Alex was fab - she always helped me to feel like I was supported and could do what she'd suggested!

Since completing the programme, I have increased energy, less fatigue, no more nausea, and weight loss. I also have a much better understanding of the impact of stress on my body and what I can do both from a nutrition perspective and lifestyle perspective to rectify this. Be open to taking on anything recommended and take responsibility for taking action. It works when you do the work!

LD, aged 35

I feel better than I have done in years.

After being initially diagnosed with PCOS, I would suffer with serious PMS at certain points in my cycle. I was constantly confused about how to manage the condition, with no real support and guidance available to me. Right from the start I found Alex approachable, warm, and friendly, I always looked forward to our sessions.

Her knowledge and understanding of my conditions was comforting - some months it was difficult to know if I was going in the right direction. Alex was always reassuring and supportive, listening to my needs and adapting the programme as we went ensuring it fitted my lifestyle.

My PCOS symptoms are much more balanced - life feels somewhat level again. Since completing the programme people constantly tell me how well I look. I feel better than I have done in years. Doing this kind of work is life changing and the best investment you could make for your future self. I wish I had found Alex 10 years ago.

Emma, aged 37

Alex has repaired my relationship with food.

Alex is an amazing coach and the knowledge I have gained that will last me the rest of my life is priceless. I find too much information overwhelming, and so Alex took this into consideration and gave me the information in bite sized pieces at a time which worked well for me.

I now have a better understanding of PCOS, what my body does and doesn’t need. Alex has repaired my relationship with food.

HP, aged 27

It is a life changing programme and worth every penny!

Before I signed up to the programme, I was crippled in pain from PCOS and Endometriosis. I was not confident in my body and my hormones and emotions were all over the place. I had seen Alex specialised in women with PCOS which gave me confidence that she would be able to help me - I was not wrong!

I absolutely enjoyed working with Alex and having her as my coach! I could not fault her. As a client, she was very welcoming, listened to me as well as staying in contact with me. The way the programme is structured is very good and all the resources and reports given to me we're very valuable. If I found something difficult to implement, Alex would always suggest other avenues to try.

If you’re thinking of signing up, I would tell you to totally go for it! It is a life changing programme and worth every penny!

Rhianna, aged 24

My symptoms improved massively and I felt better than I have for years!

I had terrible symptoms of acne and hirsutism. I felt that Alex was great with explaining the reasoning behind why I needed to change aspects of my lifestyle. I felt that Alex was very unjudgmental and approachable, and she really was good at understanding the challenges for me and worked around my life and needs.

Even from the very start, the small changes that I implemented improved my health. I started to feel like I had more energy and, overall, I just felt better. As the sessions went on, my symptoms continued to improve. Since working with Alex, I have maintained the changes that she recommended. The understanding I have now about certain things that I eat, and the effect they may have, stops me from going back to my old habits.

SW, aged 43

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